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David & Grace Savage

Meet David

My career started as an assistant with master photographer Dimitri LaZaroff. I was in my early twenties and excited to learn everything I could about photography. I worked for very little pay in order to learn the trade from the ground up. I swept the floors, washed the windows, vacuumed the carpets, and worked long hours in the darkroom. Eventually I would learn to retouch photographs with pencils and dyes, back then we drymounted everything and even had trimmed every wallet picture that left the studio.

Dimitri was an excellent mentor, very demanding of perfection and yet willing to share all of his knowledge. On weekends and evenings I would practice my craft by shooting model composites and eventually, after much training, Dimitri put me behind the camera as one of his lead photographers at the studio.

During this time I submitted prints to Professional Photographers of America's print competitions and won several awards for my photographic abilities. I attended Winona, an International School of Photography, where I studied portraiture and advertising photography. After a few years, I was to become a Senior Designer at the infamous Ford & Earl Design, you know the Wally Fords and Harley Earl guys who designed the cars of the 50's? Anyway after several years of working as a designer I realized my true calling and chose to return to my roots as a photographer and in January 2004, I opened David Savage Photography & Design LLC.

I still take on commissions from time to time when a challenging design project comes along expecially when I can combine my skills both as a photographer and a designer. Case in point, Mesquite Creek in Clarkston, MI or any of the Hamlin Pubs where you'll see hundreds of my photographs exhibited on the walls.

My passion is portrait photography and I specialize in photographing people. From an artistc viewpoint, I work to capture a classic and timeless photograph of each subject.

We take a unique, artistic and completely individualized approach to our photography while keeping our sessions fun and relaxed. We make it personal by customizing your session just for you.

Our custom photography provides personalized on-location portrait sessions, combining natural settings with professional lighting while also using a combined style of Conceptual, Lifestyle and Posed Portraiture, in order to bring out your personality in the images.

We make it personal by visiting you in your home and customizing your session just for you. We get inspiration from your answers to a few questions we ask while we get to know you. Sometimes we are inspired by the music and movies you love, other times it is a location or activities that hold special meaning to you or your family. It even helps us with the amazing artistic touches in the post processing. We sometimes look at magazine pictures that have been torn from pages of some of the most respected magazines. Sometimes, we discuss appropiate fashion for the session, changes of clothing, accessories, hair, makeup, and locations that we think will work best.

Meet Grace

It's all about the Shoes & Fashion!

Stylist Grace or Grace Ann as I sometimes call her works closely with our clients especially during the consultation process. One thing that separates my studio from every other studio in town is that I have Grace! Her personal and warm style brings out the best in every person.

Grace started her career as a make up artist working in Birmingham, Michigan, where she created Faces By Grace her own line of cosmetics. From the inception of David Savage Photography & Design LLC, Grace has been instrumental in helping to develop our distinctive style.

According to Grace the process begins a week or so before the appointed day of the photography session. Our clients come in and bring in their favorite outfits. Grace and her stylists help coordinate the outfits so that when the photography takes place every detail has been addressed. We go through their clothing, lay things out and help put together their best outfits for the session. We discuss clothing, jewelry, shoes (of course), colors, props, location options and many other issues. Make up and hair are important details as well and although we don't do the hair and make up, we do discuss the style that we feel is best as well as make up application, and of course we are experts in how make up and hair will actually look in an actual photograph.

The benefit of the consultation is that this gives clients the confidence needed on the day of the photography session, knowing that everything has been thought through and things are professionally styled. The most important thing to us is that our clients have a memorable, once in a lifetime experience! We think all this translates into better portraits.

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